Before I was a birder or even a surfer, I used to love fishing.  I think I still would but I also feel more hesitant to inflict pain and trauma on a creature just for my own pleasure.  I think it is ok to take a fish every now and again especially if you are planning to eat it or if you are able to catch it in a way that minimizes the impact on the fish (small fly or barbless hook).

Here is a pic of a monster Bonefish I caught in Savannah Sound on Eleuthera.  And yes that is an Obama hat all you haters.  Of course this was a catch and release.  This was taken 20Jan2011.

Below is a Mahi Mahi, or Dolphinfish caught off the OBX on a pelagic bird trip. Brian P standing behind me let me reel this in when we hooked up.

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