Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wilson's Phalarope and friends (12-23May2020)

I'm still alive and birding when I can..

Red-winged Blackbird at Wade Park

I wonder if it's the same 2 Barn Swallows that nest under the wood footbridge at Wade.  I might name them.. Frank and Beans?

Short-billed Dowitcher - note the flared supercilia and pinched V where they meet.

A very late Savannah Sparrow

Seaside Sparrow

Clapper Rail

It is sooo good to be able to go to the beach again.

Black-bellied Plover


Black Skimmer


Least Tern

Wilson's Phalarope! Dave H found this stunner and as if this writing it is still hanging out on the north end of Wrightsville Beach. Dave also found a Roseate Tern the same day but I was not able to relocate it.

Seaside Sparrow

I was hoping for one more good migration day up in the Raleigh area last weekend so I went to Bynum Bridge.  A great spot but I got skunked and only had a handful of warblers.

Scarlet Tanager

After that I headed to Brumley Nature Preserve near the Duke Forest to try for Kentucky Warbler but it was too late in the day and again I was skunked.

Acadian Flycatcher

Someone reported a follow-up to Jelmer's Yellow-bellied Flycatcher from last week but I have my suspicion that it was a mis-ID.  Jelmer's most certainly was, but the follow-up post was several days after his and I would think it would have moved on.  Also, I saw this Pewee with a very yellow belly in the same area.

This moth or butterfly was totally camouflaged.  Can you see it?

Widow Skimmer

At Brumley I did get a couple butterflies which I don't think I have seen before.

Red Admiral?

Slivery Checkerspot?

Finally I headed to the North Carolina Botanic Garden in Chapel Hill to get my Louisiana Waterthrush for the year.  I have heard a bunch but this was the first I have seen this year.

Louisiana Waterthrush

The Spit is open and I took a spin to find a White-rumped Sandpiper.  Its hard to pick them out within thousands of peeps but I did finally spot one.  Can you see it?

Zoomed in shot.

Semipalmated Sandpiper - I have combed through thousands of peeps looking for a stint over the years.  One day.... I will be a hero!

Carnivorous Black Skimmer

Laughing Gull

Red Knot!  The tag said HJT. I will have to submit this one.

A week later and the Phalarope is still in the same spot.

It was foraging literally at my feet at times.  I took a nice cell phone video which I will post someday.

Caspian Tern

Tricolored Heron

White-rumped Sandpiper - when it rains it pours.

Red-headed Woodpecker at CB State Park

Yellow-billed Cuckoo also at CB State park

Gray Catbird at Wade Park this morning.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Wood Duck

There is only 3 out of the 6 Wood Duck chicks left..  Life is hard.

Thinking about heading up to Raleigh one more time tomorrow.  Kent had an Olive-sided Flycatcher and a Black-billed Cuckoo in one damn tree!  Thats a great combo.