Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kirtland's Warbler (Septophaga kirtlandii) - 25Dec2015 & 30May2018

Can you think of a better Xmas present?  Actually I have seen them a number of times in the Bahamas where they winter but this one was especially cooperative and inquisitive.  The Kirtland's Warbler was nearly extinct 50 years ago.  Now with conservation efforts on it's breeding range in Michigan in Jack Pine stands it is on it's way to recovery.  I am not too worried about it's wintering grounds on the Bahamas because it prefers successional habitat with plenty of White Lantana which is not hard to come in Eleuthera.  In fact, even when big resorts pop up in Eleuthera, mismanagement and governmental red tape soon cause the business to fail and more successional habitat is generated. Eleuthera will probably be one of those places that will stay the same for a long time.  In fact global warming sea rise will probably be the biggest problem.

Below is a photo from the breeding ground in Michigan on 30May2018 where I managed to go as a quick side trip when I was in Chicago for work.  Tick for the ABA!  Note the jack pine it is sitting in which is the natural habitat.

Update!  I have now seen one in NC!  Here is the photo of one that was hanging out at Ridge Junction in the mountains.  Taken on 26Sep2018.

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