Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata) - 02Dec2015 and others

The Yellow-rumped Warbler for us here in coastal North Carolina is a harbinger of winter but also it's disappearance is a good indicator of spring.  Affectionately called butterbutts, they are quite drab in winter except the bright yellow rumps.

Here is one from NC when I kicked off my 2018 big year, I think at Wrightsville Beach.

Here is one from the Audubon's race out west that shows the yellow throat.  It was photographed in the Phoenix area in AZ.

Here is one from NC that I initially thought might be some kind of hybrid due to the yellow shades on throat but I realized it was probably just pollen from the camellia flowers it was picking insects off of.

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