Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White-rumped Sandpiper - Calidris fuscicollis (08Jun2013)

This little bird like quite a few other shorebirds, travels all the way from the Arctic down to the southern shores of South America and back each year.  We in North Carolina are only able to see it during migration so you best be on your game when it comes.  It is only slightly larger than the three regularly occurring "peeps" so you need to queue in on the slight differences.  The bill with orange at its base and flecking on its flanks are good field marks, but if you really want to be sure then catch it in flight.  The photo below is from my first starter camera, but I love the capture none the less.  This particular bird was on the North end of South Pond on the Outerbanks.  Until next time my little feathered friend.

Update: here are some other shots taken in 2016.

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