Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wood Stork (Mycteria americana) - 26Jul2014

If Wood Storks are the only storks in North America, does that mean our babies are brought to us by Wood Storks?  That would be kind of scary I would think for the babies.  The head of the Wood Stork is primordial looking, bringing to mind some creature from the Dark Crystal.

This photo was taken during my "big year" while watching my wife compete at the Battle of the Border which is a foot race straddling the NC and SC border on Indigo Farms.  It is a cool premise, all the fast runners in NC combine their running time and compare to all the runners from SC.  Whoever has a combined time which is lower wins.  This was one of the years that NC took the trophy.

Although Indigo Farms straddles the border, I assure you this Wood Stork was firmly on the NC side.  I checked with my iPhone! Not the best quality photo, but I liked the setting with the flowering meadow.

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