Sunday, December 8, 2019

Cackling Goose (Branta Hutchinsii) - 22Dec2017

Cackling Geese are tricky because there are hybrids out there.  However, this one seen in Winston-Salem in 2017 was a pure bird in all respects.  The side by side picture with a Canada Goose helped.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Local Catch Up Part Deux (06Oct - 02Nov2019)

Actually I am realizing now that most of these pics are from outside my 5MR at Greenfield Lake.

B&W Warbler

Pine Warbler


Palm Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

A Magnolia almost looks like a Nashville when seen head on.

Northern Waterthrush

Gray Catbird

Cape May

Chimney Swifts always a challenge to photograph and I must ridiculous when I am trying with the camera lens waving back and forth.

Fiery Skipper? at Airlie Gardens.

October is always a good time of year to head to Fort Fisher....

Clapper Rails get forced up at high tide.

American Avocets are the most elegant of waders.

Saltmarsh Sparrows are back in full force.

White Ibis are numerous and frequently allow close views as they forage on lawns.

Blue-winged Teal are usually wary of humans but this one was quite cooperative.

Some Savannah Sparrows require scrutiny.  There is a ton of variation with some having little of the yellow lores that usually makes them easy to ID.

Sedge Wrens are a skulky group.

I got my fill of White-crowned Sparrows in California but its always good to get them in Wilmington.

This Cape May was at the ferry landing and was one of the last good warblers for the year...

Pileated Woodpecker.  On the 12th of Oct I tried a photographic big day but it became evident I was going to fall short of my goal.  I did get 100 species for the day but only photographed about 90 of them.  My goal is to have a day with 100 photographed species but it may have to wait until spring.

Yellow Warbler


Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Red-eyed Vireo

Magnolia Warbler

Clapper Rail

Caspian Tern

Northern Harriers are back to scouring the marshes for tasty morsels.

Blue-headed Vireos should be looked at closely this time of year in case a Bell's Vireo decides to slip in.

Rock Pigeon

SB Dows and a Willet

Seaside Sparrow

Nelson's Sparrow

Cardinal at Airlie

House Wren

BT Blue


Garbled Modwit

Black Rat Snake

White-crowned at FF

Northern Flicker

Another interesting Savannah

Clay-colored Sparrow

Blackpoll Warbler

Marsh Wren

At Oleander Memorial Gardens, a nice day for photography....

Brown Thrasher

Belted Kingfisher


Loggerhead Shrike at my son's soccer game

Young Little Blue Heron

Eastern Wood Pewee at Burnt Mill

Grasshopper Sparrow at Fort Fisher

So that does it, all caught up on local photos!  Now time to start weeding through my California trip from last week...