Sunday, October 15, 2017

Brewer's Blackbird (Euphagus cyanocephalus) - 05Sep2015 and 17Jan2016

A common blackbird out west that can be found in urban areas as this one was found in Monterey, CA.

Here is my NC record shot taken at Lake Landing in a muddy horsepen.  Excuse the poop in the shot.

California Gull (Larus californicus) - 05Sep2015

I have better photos and adult plumage photos but I like this first cycle bird seen on a Monterey Bay pelagic.  I hope to get one in NC soon.

Black-footed Albatross (Phoebetria palpebrata) - 05Sep2015

These beauties are actually pretty common on a Monterey Bay pelagic in September.  Most of them breed in the Hawaiian Islands and some other random atolls.

Rhinoceros Auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) - 05Sep2015

Taken on a Monterey Bay pelagic with Debbie Shearwater. A description from the Cornell website:

Named for the vertical white plate at the base of its bill, the Rhinoceros Auklet is a bird of the coastlines and open seas of the north Pacific. The only member of its genus, it is closely related to puffins.

Pink-footed Shearwater (Ardenna creatopus) - 05Sep2015

Another species picked up on my first legit Monterey Bay pelagic.  Apparently thought to be a distant relative of the atlantic Great Shearwater.

Black-vented Shearwater (Puffinus opisthomelas) - 05Sep2015

These little shearwaters are the most common seen from shore certain times of year in Southern California.  Thousands can be seen streaming by.  Of course Sooties can too and they outnumbered the Black-vented on this day.  A Pink-footed Shearwater also photobombed in this one.  Taken on a Debbie Shearwater pelagic.

Brandt's Cormorant (phalacrocorax penicillatus) - 05Sep2015 and 31Mar2016

From Cornell website:
  • In the main part of its range, from California to Washington, the Brandt's Cormorant is tied to the rich food sources associated with upwellings of the California Current. In the nonbreeding season, when the effects of this current diminish, populations redistribute along the coast, occurring where food is locally available.

This one is from a Monterey Bay pelagic with Debbie Shearwater.

Taken in La Jolla, CA.