Sunday, October 21, 2018

No So Common, Ringed Plover (06-13Oct2018)

I have quite a backlog developing because between work which is killing me and birding wicked hard  for migration I don't have time to post.  In fact I am on no sleep too.  But migration is almost over and I will catch up.

Here are a few pics from around a soccer tournament for George near Winston Salem.

Blackpoll in the fields next to the tourney.

I have seen more Wood-pewees than I care to.  It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't get my hopes up for an empidonax.

Common Buckeye

American Goldfinches at the Bog Garden

Partially leucistic Robin?

Ah the prize of that soccer trip, a Gray-cheeked Thrush.  I worked hard for this one and thanks to George who put up with a lot of driving around in between soccer games.

A very accommodating bird.

I will have to ID all these butterflies later.

Three different species in one shot?

Cape May - an unusually obliging member of the species.

Back at Burnt Mill Creek the birding has been good but nothing unusual.

More Pewees mascarading as empids......

I assure you dear reader that this is a Tennessee which is a good bird in ILM.  However she forgot to put on her mascara and her eye line is not showing properly.

Yellow-billed Cuckoos are everywhere at Burnt Mill right now.

My final hurrah pelagic was great for Black-capped Petrels in fresh plumage but no red-letter birds.

This fuzzy photo was scrutinized by me because it was looking like a Bermuda to me but Kate brought me back down to earth and confirmed it was just a dark BCP.

Great Shearwater - I think I am getting better at IDing pelagic birds in flight.

We had a ton of migrating warblers fly by the boat and this Black-throated Blue was the only one I managed a decent picture of.  Most were Black-throated Blues and Cape Mays which make sense as they are Caribbean Migrants.  However, it makes you wonder how many of them die out at sea.  Several of them really looked like they wanted to land on the boat.  I told Kate she should get a Xmas tree for the top deck for birds that want to rest.

Cory's SWs

Dorsal view of a Great SW.

 Taking decent pics of sea turtles with my crusher is tough.  This was a huge Leatherback.

Ok enough BCP pics....

And the cherry on top.....

The previously found Common Ringed Plover at Pea Island was luckily still there next to the bird blind although mostly obscured by reeds.

Note the combination of the white eye brow and dark forehead band.  Non-breeding Semis can have an eyebrow but never in combination with a dark forehead band.  Also, note the wide breast band.

I have some more pics to post but I need to go get some warblers so it will have to wait.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Double-header (01-04Oct2018)

October has started out with a bang!  Hot on the heels of the Kirtland's Warbler at the end of Sept, John F and friends found the 4th record of Townsend's Warbler in NC at North River Farms.  I was actually doing some early morning birding at Fort Fisher when I first noticed the Townsend's report.  Here are some pics from that morning.  I had 6-7 warbler species which is very good for coastal NC.

Hooded Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Cape May Warbler

So later that afternoon after work I managed to jam up to North River Farms and meet up with someone that has the code for the gate and we got to the spot where the Townsend's was seen a little after 5pm.

First we found the Dickcissel that was seen in the company of the Townsend's and then.....

Townsend's Warbler!!! I have much better photos from California where these are the Black-throated Green equivalent but this was a fantastic find for NC and a good addition to my year effort.  Its a good thing the face mask was so dark because hybridization can be an issue but this bird was all Townsend's!

It was hanging in the trees mostly but then flying down to the ground to pick up grubs.

I had a couple hours of light left so I decided to swing up to Cedar Island Ferry Terminal where an American Golden has been hanging out thanks to Marty's reconnaissance.

American Golden Plover

Pectoral SPs too.

Back in Wilmington on a subsequent day....

These Blue-winged Teal are still hanging out at the flooded recreation fields 2 weeks after Florence.

Lots of Herons, Egrets and Ibises too.  This Little Blue in the middle compared nicely with the Snowy Egrets.

Marsh Wrens are back...

This weekend its soccer tourney time with the youngest boy.  Maybe I can locate a Gray-cheeked Thrush or Philadelphia Vireo up in the Triangle.