Sunday, October 8, 2017

Cassin's Vireo (Vireo cassinii) - 03Sep2015

I can't remember if I heard this bird vocalize or not, but I did classify it as a Cassin's.  I saw it on Lone Tree Rd near Hollister CA which is Debbie Shearwater's dry land patch.  I was scheduled for her pelagic the next day out of Monterey and had some time to kill in the afternoon.  So I looked in eBird for nearby spots and found that Debbie had frequented this particular location many times.  What a great road.  It starts in agricultural land and winds up into some really nice pasture land in the hills and ends up in some nice oak forests.  I checked eBird and the other two similar vireos have never been seen in this spot and would be more rare: Plumbeous and Blue-headed.

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  1. There's an interesting old spanish mission near Hollister, in San Juan Bautista. Perhaps the swallows return there too! The old missions are perhaps the most beautiful things in California, together with Route 1 north of Cambria.