Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Eastern Screech-owl (Megascops asio) - 03Nov2013 & 14Jan2017 & 21Apr2017

I might as well continue on the owl thread now that I have started.  The Eastern Screech-owl is a bird I encounter quite often.  In fact I have them in my back yard.  The rub is that they almost never show themselves unless you find a nest box and I think those shots are usually unsatisfying.  So when I found this bird in Carolina Beach State Park and it somehow let me snap a few pics, I was overjoyed.  Although the picture is not crisp due to poor light, I kind of like the ethereal quality of it anyhow.

And here is a red morph from 14Jan2017 in my back yard in Wilmington, NC.

Here is a red morph in broad daylight at CB State Park in April 2017.

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