Sunday, January 12, 2020

Eleuthera Homecoming (24-31Dec2019)

My father bought his property over 25 years ago in Eleuthera and we have been going almost yearly ever since.  The past handful of years we have been exploring elsewhere so it was a sort of homecoming when we went for Xmas break this year.  It was so good to be back!  Getting there was a bit of a chore as tickets were crazy expensive and driving to Savannah GA was the best way to keep costs reasonable.  However, once there we quickly relaxed and spent a beautiful week of re-acquainting ourselves to the island called Freedom.

Prairie Warbler

Thick-billed Vireo

Cuban Pewee

Brown Anole


Least Sandpiper

Semipalmated Plover

The White-cheeked Pintails seem to be doing great this year.

A record shot of a Peregrine.  I think the first I have seen in the Bahamas.

American Kestrel

Sunsets are always good on Eleuthera

Black-and-white Warbler

Red Junglefowl

Brown Pelican

Greater Antillean Bullfinch

Common Ground Dove

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - The only woodpecker species I have seen on Eleuthera.

We visited the bat cave to gather 4 buckets of guano for my father's garden. My real motivation was that my younger brother saw Barn Owls at this cave the previous year.  However, we dipped on owls.

Leaf-nosed Bat

Yellow-crowned Night-heron - I love finding out what possible bird species are unique in a given place.  I think I could visit just about anywhere and be happy for a short time studying the local birds.

Black-faced Grassquit

Palm Warbler

Northern Parula

Common Gallinule

Yellow-rumped Warbler


Bahama Woodstar

Black-necked Stilt

TB Vireo

Most of the week had strong winds from the east which was great for avoiding sandflies but bad for the surf.  Finally on the 30th we had some offshore winds and I went surfing while the family looked for shells at Surfer's Beach.  I snapped this photo of a random guy on our way out.

A record shot of a Sora in the middle of the frame.  First one I have seen in the Bahamas.

Yellow-throated Warbler

Luke spotted this Limpkin on the side of the road on our way to the Airport.

It ended up being a perfect trip with no major issues and some prime relaxation.  Can't wait to go back.  A great way to end 2019.

Now on to 2020!

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