Birds Pooping

Ok this is probably frivolous but its a real genre of bird photography so I might as well join the fray.

Here is a Raven pooping in San Jose, CA on 05Sep2015.  One of my first poop photos.

The below Brewer's Blackbird was photographed in Englehard, NC.  Have you ever seen a bird poop so much?  Is this cheating?

Here is a Bonparte's Gull letting it all hang loose on 08Apr2017 at Mason Inlet.

This might be my crown jewell so far for the birds pooping page, a Black-capped Petrel doing the nasty on a May pelagic out of Hatteras.  BCPEs even look graceful when they poop.

A pooping rarity!  Long-billed Curlew at Shackleford Banks on 27Jun2020.

Oh boy, almost forgot about this one, probably my best in terms of quality.  This Great Black Hawk was only the 2nd record in the ABA area and was photographed in Portland Maine on 04Dec2018.

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