Saturday, November 11, 2017

Three Brothers One Love - LRGV - Day 4 (24Oct2017)

For the final day of our Lower Rio Grande Valley adventure we headed to the famous Salineno.  Upon arriving we were a little miffed to learn that we were a couple days early.  They would not be opening the feeder station for a couple days.  We made the best of it and hiked along the river trail.

Black-throated Green Warbler

White-collared Seedeater!

A fly by Greater White-fronted Goose

Orange-crowned Warbler

Green Kingfisher

 Worst picture ever but I am fairly certain this was a Cassin's Sparrow.

Roseate Skimmer

Red-tailed Hawk


At Falcon Dam it was quiet and hot but we did find a very cooperative Vermillion.

Vermillion Flycatcher

Eastern or Western Meadowlark?  Who knows.

Since we dipped badly at Salineno on our target of Audubon's Oriole, we decided to try Roma Bluffs on the way back to Brownsville in a one last ditch effort.

The view from Roma Bluffs.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Gray Hawk

Lincoln's Sparrow


Blue-headed Vireo

Right as we were headed back to the car, ready to throw in the towel, my brother spotted them....

Audubon's Oriole

Texas Rose-bellied Lizard

Harris Hawk

In a random field on the way back to Brownsville we ran into a large blackbird flock.....

Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Then finally to end our nice long weekend, we headed to Oliviera Park in Brownsville to catch the evening Parrot party.  Just before dusk loads of parrots fly in from a day of foraging and land on the wires and in the trees of this little park.

White-fronted Parrot

Red-crowned Parrot



The low light made photography difficult but watching these parrots descend on to some poor guy's cactus and destroy it in a matter of 5 minutes was an interesting experience.

Nom nom nom.....

Yellow-headed Parrots rounded out the list of three parrot species for the park.

We finished our trip at our favorite taqueria in Brownsville and ordered extra Tripa Dorada tacos. Yum.

I am already thinking about going back some day.

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