Sunday, June 9, 2019

Home Brewed 5MR Catch Up (24Apr-09Jun2019)

Here is a melange of photos of NC birds taken since I came back from my Yucatan trip.

Orchard Oriole from I don't remember where!  However, no worries because I got another later that was definitely in the 5 Mile Radius.


On 28Apr, I participated in the Brunswick County Spring bird count.  I didn't find anything super rare but had a couple Swallow-tailed Kites which is good for the count.  Here are some random pics from that, but nothing from there was in the 5MR.

Painted Skimmer

Venus Flytraps at the Green Swamp.

B&W Warbler also at GS.

Summer Tanager

This Muscovy was hanging out under by tailgate in the dirt parking lot at Green Swamp!  Such a weird location for one of these domestics.  I almost wonder if someone dropped it off there.

In May I made a series of small trips to local spots in the 5MR.  Here are some from the Cross City Trail at Rogersville Rd.

Barn Swallow

Yellow-breasted Chat - this guy was most certainly on territory.  I have not been back to see if it is still around.

Chimney Swift

Orchard Oriole firmly in 5MR.

Question Mark butterfly.  Note the little question mark in the center of hind wing.

Topside of the Question Mark

An uncooperative Eastern Kingbird.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Solitary Sandpiper - these are hard to come by in New Hanover County.

Green Heron

Common Tern - Meanwhile at the beach terns are coming back and starting to nest. This was firmly in the 5MR at the south end of WB.

Black Skimmers

At the house I spend an hour in the afternoon trying to decompress after a stressful day of work.

A male Ruby-throated Hummer has been visiting my Salvia Guaranitica.

I have Mississippi Kites regularly flying over my house so they must be nesting nearby.  However, so far they have not come down close.

I managed to take a May pelagic in between hellish workweeks.  It was ok, no red letter species and I only came away with a handful of pics.

Audubon's Shearwaters

Black-capped Petrel

Flying Fish

Band-rumped Storm-Petrel

Wilson's SP

Here is another plant in my yard that the hummer likes.  I threw out the tag so I can't remember what it is.  Anyone?

I have seen Ospreys fly over my house before, but this was the first one I had a camera nearby for.  Tick for the photographed from my yard list.

I was working on my computer on Saturday and my neighbor came over and alerted me to a 4-5 foot Alligator chilling out next to his house!  A weird spot for one so he called animal control to come collect it.

This weekend it was rainy so yard work took a back seat to some birding at Airlie Gardens, the south end of WB and Wade Park.

Painted Bunting at Airlie.

Wood Ducks at Airlie.

Meanwhile at the beach....

Least Terns are nesting in big numbers at the south end of WB which is a relief since last year was a bust after the town dredged the inlet.

Baby Least Tern

The Common Terns were super aggressive and dive bombed me despite me being well outside the roped area.

American Oystercatcher feeding baby.

The rest of these photos are from today at Wade Park.

Least Skipper?


Another Least

Mississippi Kite

Blue-gray Gnatty

Red-winged BB


Banded Pennant?

Where did the weekend go?  I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

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