Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A New Beginning (01Jan2019)

I am really enjoying this 5 Mile Radius challenge!  I have not birded outside 5 miles from my house and some of the best birds I have seen were within 100 yards.  The following pics are only from Day 1!

This series is from a friend's house about 4 or so miles south.  She has had a Western Tanager recently but I did not see it the few times I went.  However, her feeders were still hopping.

Yellow-throated Warbler - pretty rare for a winter bird but even more remarkable that it is visiting a feeder.

Orange-crowned Warbler enjoying what else?  An orange.

Baltimore Oriole - those weird artifacts to the right of the bird are reflections of Xmas lights in the window.  Yes all these pics were taken from her breakfast nook behind glass!

Nom nom nom....

When this raptor flew over my house, I thought Cooper's but now I see the squared-off tail, so I am going with Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in my back yard.

Carolina Wren in my backyard.

CHickie D in my front yard.

Ok this next one is from a spot that is technically outside my 5MR at Ashley High School, but I took the following from the eastern parking lot which is inside the circle.  I am super bummed that the ponds to the north west of these fields are out of view and out of the circle.  Those ponds are chock full of ducks I don't have on my list.

The continuing Ross's Goose and other common birds like the Canada Geese and White Ibis was easily seen from inside the circle.

Of course I was not satisfied so I moved in for some pics.

White Ibis

Canada Goose

Ross's Goose

Eastern Bluebird

Later in the afternoon I moved to Wrightsville Beach.  The south end of WB is squarely within my circle.

Black Scoter


Red-breasted Merganser.

More birds from Jan 2 on the next post!


  1. Ah...to have anything with ‘beach’ in its name in a 5MR...
    Yellow-throat at a feeder!? Winter does weird things to warblers.
    Pretty sweet to get those birds at a feeder in Jan., from a breakfast nook no less!

    Also, maybe this is my old western sensibility, but Sharpie I’m winter strikes me as a very good bird no?

    1. Yeah all good stuff, and to think it was all under my nose the whole time. I am actually starting to meet some of my neighbors too, although I think some of them are tempted to shoot me.